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When my friend Nikki Bradley told me that she wanted to really push her wakeboarding on the boat this year, having only taken up the sport last summer with LBD, I felt a screening of The Chick Flick [DVD] was the obvious answer to get her pumped about the 2010! As an ex National and International gymnast, I was telling her all about the techniques we were taught last week with Mike Ferraro and Ryan Jones and thought that watching their students on screen would only made us more excited about getting back behind the boat ! I could now afford to start dreaming about my return to the water, but as the vision of strapping my feet in my boots and jumping off the dock gets closer, I feel the torture of the next few weeks intensifying; so close, yet still so far !!

I’m working odd shifts which is making it hard to be disciplined in the gym but I do feel as though I’m getting stronger on the bikes. One legged cycling is much easier now, however. I’m still struggling with bench presses. At least I feel like I’m eating well with, lots of fruit, no garbage and lots of water and that’s certainly making me feel more energised and motivated, if not more virtuous! However, all the positive thinking does come in waves! Feeling particularly sluggish, I decided against wallowing in sloth, and headed down to the newly refurbished River Bourne Health Club in Chertsey and went for an unfamiliar swim. It was incredible! In one hour I’d managed well over 40 laps, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna! I felt amazing! The sun was shining through to the bottom of the pool, so I could imagine I was somewhere hot for a bit as I realised I hadn’t been in the water since the accident back at the end of July!! This swim spared me the boredom of the gym and I think is the key to keeping exercise interesting and my motivation levels up. I’m only really half way through my recovery after all!

Week 13

Spin spin sugar!! This morning, I was still energised from last week’s swim/spa experience (well probably not due to that by now, but it felt that way!) so I headed to Nikki’s Spin class, a 45 minute endurance before work. This was either going to make or break me! So armed with Maximuscle Viper to keep me hydrated, preventing me from passing out and looking a right nonce, and Tom William’s advice to go and have fun, but ‘stay in the seat’, I worked up a stupid sweat and lost myself in the endorphin trance I soon found myself in.

I won’t lie, I was broken after fifteen minutes and questioning my fitness, but a little word with myself later, I found my second wind, then upped the pace, upped the resistance and felt the energy coursing through me! It feels sooooo good to be doing proper exercise again! I wonder just how grumpy I’ve been these last seven months and not realised! Even in just this week, I’m sleeping so much better and waking up at least two hours before my alarm, charged and ready to go! I can’t remember the last time that happened. But I’m going to have to rein it in a little as this is going to make the wait till I’m back on the water all the more painful. I can’t wait; I really am so desperate to get back on a lake. Even in this mood, that’s quite depressing.

My lunch hour gym sessions are feeling so much more productive! I seem to have actually flicked that blasted switch! I’m charging through all the Twilight books on the bike, getting lots of leg press reps up and lots of hamstring curls with more weight now. I can actually see my thigh muscles coming back, my legs are less uneven in size and shape. Now that I’ve got to this stage, I’m more motivated to keep going! Dare I say it, but I’m actually really enjoying the gym now! Shhhh ! I’m actually really looking forward to my next swim! What’s happening to me? I’m sneaking in a few pull ups every time I leave my kitchen on the chin up bar, the indo board’s out when I’m watching TV. I hardly recognise myself!



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